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Are you looking for the fastest way to bring genuine customers to your website who are ready to buy your products or services? If yes, then PPC- Pay Per Click will be the best option for you. PPC has become a powerful component in digital marketing. And using this, you can allow your customers to reach where they are already looking. Digi Media Pool can offer you a custom and proven PPC campaign and manage it efficiently so that you can enjoy increased revenue as well as conversion.

Digi Media Pool is a trusted Pay Per Click company India that utilizes paid search to bring more sales to your business. Whether your aim is to boost your website’s traffic or conversion, our PPC services will help you attain the desired goals. Besides, we will also help you to maximize your ROI. When you opt for our PPC services, you will enjoy the following benefit-

With the advent of the SMO Services India, more and more companies are adopting this advertising model to enhance their business. Pay per click is considered to be a very important tool for directing the traffic to the website. The advertisers bid on the keyword phrases which are relevant to the target markets. This technique would go a long way in providing spectacular results to the users. Unlike the conventional portal, the website adopts the affiliate model to enhance the number of visitors. PPC Company India incorporates affiliates that are offered financial incentives if the direct they traffic to their clients. One of the best advantages of the model is that the people get an opportunity to purchase the products and services.

Pay per Click Services are available to the companies wanting to increase the popularity of their online websites. Most of the links using the PPC ads would be displayed once the keyword matches that of the advertisers. They are termed as sponsored links and appear adjacent to the organic search results in the listings. Some unethical webmasters might try to manipulate the business model b carrying out fraudulent clicks however it is now strictly controlled by the search engine.

Evolution of the Pay Per Click Company has resulted in two models for the advertisers looking to market their products. Flat rate option is quite popular because the advertiser and the publisher agree upon a fixed amount that would be paid for a stipulated period of time. In many instances, the rates differ for various areas of the web page. Content on the website should be of a very high quality to attract the visitors in huge numbers. Whilst committing for a long term contract the advertiser may sign a better deal with the publisher and that too at lower rates.

Flat rate model is typically useful when comparing different shopping engines. They publish their rate card separately nevertheless the prices and low, therefore advertisers could pay more to increase their visibility among the users. All the websites are segregated into products and services categories thereby attracting large number of users in the hind sight.

Bid based PPC is one of the most important methods to generate revenues for the publishers. SEO vendors are using the technique to offer awesome results to their customers exceeding the expectations. Advertisers compete with each other in a private online auction to post their ads on the website. We assure you of providing the best PPC services in the industry. Many of our clients are extremely happy and satisfied with our services.

Note : Monthly Minimum Fee – $150

Terms & Conditions as Follows

  • All payments has to be in favor of Digi Media Pool
  • In case of cancellation, no money would be refunded (advance is non-refundable).
  • Payment can be made by Company Bank Account
  • The quote is valid for a period of 15 Days from the date quoted.
  • All orders are subject to DMP Terms and Conditions.

Assumptions & Dependencies

The following assumptions will be taken into consideration by Digi Media Pool

The understanding of this project will be provided by the client.

The client will provide clarification of doubts at the earliest possible

DMP will not provide any services/work outside the scope mentioned based on written /verbal requests or instructions from the client once the analysis is complete. Further work will be taken on chargeable basis

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